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WayKen injection molding is taking a new turn – "Increased productivity in a blink of an eye"

Pátek, 24 Srpen 2018 12:04

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Rapid Injection Molding 02 - WayKen Rapid-1834Sole aim of WayKen is to always provide what her clients want and to satisfy them to the maximum by producing a top notch prototype with little expenses. WayKen provides instant production of steel, al­u­min­­i­um and plastic injection molding to help increase your specified material components within 14-35 days. From the usage of functional prototype, to short runs, and then to manufactured components, we mix rapid injection molding strategies with advanced technology and an expertise in technology which we have on our team to submit to our client a high quality injection molded component, assisting you to minimize the risks in designs and save general production expenses.

A prototype with a reduced volume termed as the best method to save time and money for testing stage and fit and as well as the start-up market test. However, it cannot correlate with the last function and finish effect of the injection molded prototyped plastic component. When the production tooling process won’t be readily available for months, rapid injection molding which is otherwise known as soft tooling or prototype molding, is then the most likely and preferred option for you to receive components instantly with a reduction in cost.

Rapid Injection Molding 01-WayKen Rapid-1834

WayKen commits her resources in an independent injection molding industry which makes use of several materials and technical strategies to build bridge tooling for prototype testing and also before a production evaluation. We produce injection molded components at your command to proffer support to your entire testing, and help determine possible process fault in a full scale production system.

“At WayKen, we focus on rapid molds of steel, aluminum and also low-volume plastic molding. With a high level of technical experience at our disposal in rapid tooling, injection molding, EDM processing, CNC machining and specialty in finishing and painting, we make sure your components meet and even go beyond your wildest dreams.”Founder Raymond

Rapid injection molding is an example of plastic molding, which has the ability not only to produce lots of pilot runs production for test of prototypes in proximity to the final mold, but also can provide on request a production of an end use component for low-volume production. Having understood the amount of component, you might want to make room for better contribution for your production partners investing in process technologies.

Rapid Injection Molding 07-WayKen Rapid-1834

Here in WayKen, we try to mix our traditional injection mold tooling processes with the modernized rapid mold tooling to produce plastic molded component almost instantly at a pocket-friendly cost efficiently. In the production quality instead of molded prototypes still in its building and testing phases. WayKen takes a bold step to production of plastic projects, providing cost-effective and economized advice from materials, designs, production steps and durability of the manufactured product etc. We help you in calculating and strategizing your best path to the most available market on the basis of your project’s aim and expectations. Our technologist and experts in molding can make this process less resourceful and time conscious so as to make sure your components can be molded as proposed from the onset. Our technologies provide an all-round mold-making capability and instant assistance for tool modifications. Advancing from prototype molding to production tooling we can also produce injection molding parts from Aluminum 7075, P20 and NAK80 semi-hardened steels and H13 fully-hardened steel.

Rapid Injection Molding 11-WayKen Rapid-1834

“Knowing the right material to adopt for your mold tools on your project is very crucial in making a production decision. Most likely, this would also involve critical acknowledgement such as the use, requirements as regards the volume and an expected investment, as well as design and mold outlook etc. Still contemplating on which one to adopt? Our project managers are at your disposal, they will help you find the best answers to all your needs.”Shi

Need more information about what we do, visit the link below:

Rapid Injection Molding 12-WayKen Rapid-1834

WayKen has known by all is a low-volume manufacturer with the ability to provide a wide range of long lasting component volumes—from as few as 100 to more than a hundred thousand with injection molding. We sell a top notch level of expertise to our clients delivering to them the quality they can ever dream of on any component we build. WayKen is a hassle free plastic component producer who can perform all her works under a roof. So it might interest you to ask what this means to clients, it simply means that your project is properly and carefully managed by experts and you can be assured that your time and money won't be jeopardized. With this philosophy, WayKen operates like a motorized assembly line.



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